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In 1993 i start everything with a 80386 PC , MS-DOS 5.0 and GW-Basic , in 1995 i developed my first application using FoxPro.
then became familiar with VB-6 and Delphi , in next years i learn HTML , CSS , VB-Script , java-script , MS-SqlServer and start to code asp-classic web sites (and connect to internet using a 56-kbps Dial-Up modem )
Currently developing a back-end web-service (Rest-API) with node.js and Express.js which can handle more than 360,000 requests per seconds.
now I have more than 18 years experience in programming , Leading a Team with 5 members : a front-end developer , a Back-end developer , a Database developer and one graphic designer and act as Scrum Master in my company.
I Also works as a member of Server-Room Design Team , Passive Network Team , Server-Room Engineers Group , Network and Server Rack Cleanup and Re-cabling Team.

Im a big fan of Atwood's Law:

“Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.”

How Can I Help You ?

Now a days i work as a full-time IT-Consultant and Supervisor but i can help in many other fields , from buying a new computer to repair or replace your hardwares , from Teaching You a new Technology to help you design and implement a new server room.
I Help More than 9 company to migrate their Rest-API from Python to Node.js , it significantly improves the api performance and reduce server / maintenace / develop Cost up to 60% , So i Can help You the Same Way.
I teach more than 300 people as a private tutor in
  • html , css , bootstrap , javascript , jquery
  • Node.js
  • ASP.Net
  • Angular.js and Angular
  • React
  • Svelte
  • alpine.js
  • Sql-Server / MySql / Oracle (database Developer)
  • Redis
  • MongoDB (database developer)
  • Git
  • Scrum
  • and many more from batch file scripting to Web And mobile Development
Happy programming